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Erdstrahlen Freie Webseite!

Welcome to Pagenews - your script for web-based news publishing!.
Pagenews is easy-to install and has a comfortable web-based admin area for managing the script. It allows the webmaster to design every detail through its template - based system. It supports an unlimited number of user accounts. Pagenews is Free software, licensed under the GNU GPL.
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Pagenews DN 6.1 is here!, by (admin), Mon Mar 26 12:35:07 2007

­Pagenews DN 6.1 is re­ady to be downloaded !
This website has updated allready and is now using 6.. In addition, the demo installation and the screenshots have been updated, so you can get an impression of the latest improvements. ­

Some bugs and problems have been resolved. The admin panel now supports SSL-secured connections.
News feeds have now got a new right-management. Privillages for editing postings and for creating/deleting/moving postings can be set individually for each feed now. This improves the CMS-capabilities of Pagenews.

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