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FAQ - News Posting

What is the difference between a feed and a news page?
A Feed is a data source that contains postings. A news page is a template the postings are shown on. You can use the news page tempalte to design the output and choose the right settings. The separation of source and output allows you to create different designs for the same data source and makes data independent from the template.

What is the WYSIWYG-Editor, what is the conventional one?
The WYSIWYG("what you see is what you get")-Editor provides formatting the text, inserting images and tables,etc. without any knowledge of html. The posting will look just like in the editor.

How do i use the WYSIWYG-Editor?
Activate it in the settings menu. In addition, any user that wants to use it needs the permission to write HTML in postings. The permission can be given by an administrator. After that, when editing/creating a posting, you can switch between the two editing modes.

News page, news display page, news block,... what is this?
Many types of templates may look confusing. In order to make it possible to design every detail, and to show more complex data structures, block-templates are needed. If there is data which has to be shown several times, the block template is inserted every time. For example, in a news page, for every posting a news block template is inserted. There are different types of news block templates, depending on your preferences. If you wish to show just headlines and a "read-more" - link, you have to choose the right news block template to do that (or modify another template...). The target of a "read-more" - link is a news display page which shows the whole posting. You can learn more about that in the template editor by reading the descriptions.

How can i make a backup of all my templates and postings?
Download the directory cgi-bin/restricted and save it on your hard disc. If you upload it again, the old state will be restored.However, all later postings/users/templates might be overwridden!. This method makes a backup of all postings, comments, template, settings and users. (for users that want to know it exactly: Actually, not the whole directory is needed. Certain parts of it would last.)

Can i run Pagenews on a windows server?
The script has been developed for Linux/*ix systems. Even though windows can run perl scripts, i do not think it works. The flock()-calls may cause trouble. If you have any experience with Pagenews on Windows platforms, please mail!

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