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Pagenews website
Copyright (C) 2004,2005,2006
by Philipp Kindt

Erdstrahlen Freie Webseite!


Pagenews enables simple, user-friendly web-based news publishing. It can be included into a website perfectly as every detail can be cusomized. Many functions, as the integrated, full-featured newslettersystem, a search engine or the possibility to allow the website's visitors writing comments on news postings make the script suitable for allmost any purpose. Pagenews can build static HTML pages in order to allow search engine finding your pages easily. The template-system offers many functions that makes Pagenews suitable as a content-managment-system. User-accounts with different permissions can be created. Pagenews comes with many further features! Pagenews fits perfectly in your website! Every detail is cusompizeable. If you cannot change the layout of a detail, please bug-report it!

Pagenews Version DN 6.1 Features:
  • Comfortable web interface
  • Unlimited number of user accounts
  • Different access permissions for each user
  • Supports posting HTML and plain-text postings
  • Comfortable what-you-see-is-what-you-get - editor for postings
  • Create-on-the-fly: build static HTML-files automatically instead of redirecting your users to a cgi script!
  • Integrated search engine to allow your visitors finding postings directly
  • Change the order of postings
  • Users can write comments on news postings
  • Comfortable comment moderation system
  • Template -based system:
    • Can be used as a content-management system
    • Possibility to design every detail as you wish
    • Built-in, web-based template editor
    • Create new template using many different drafts
    • Powerful parsing language
    • Unlimited number of templates
    • A main-template allows you to modify the look-and-feel of all templates by changing only one
  • Integrated, full featured newsletter system:
    • Send your postings as a newsletter
    • Automatic address confirmation mails
    • Users can be forced to confirm their mailadress regularly (every 365 days for example)
    • Text and HTML mails
    • Unlimited number of newsletter address lists
    • Individual newsletter settings for each address list
    • Comfortable newsletter administration panel
  • Easy-to-use installation script
  • Unlimited number of feeds as different news-sources
  • No database server needed
  • Supports headlines and "read more"-links
  • Export your postings as an RSS-feed:
    • Static (Create-on-the-fly - based) and dynamic RSS files
    • Customizeable as RSS-feeds are treated like an ordinary template
    • Possibility to create different RSS feeds with different "flavours"
  • Browser-based file-uplaod function
    • Restrictions like allowed filetypes and-sizes can be set
    • Automatic image-detection and viewer for uplaoded images
    • Possibility to delete uploaded file
    • Own upload directory for every user
    • Easy way to insert uploaded images into the editor - just some clicks
  • SSL-support in admin-panel (if server supports https)
  • ...many more

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